Child Dentistry (PEDODONTICS)

We have to take our first CHILD WHAT TIME to the dentist?

When your baby's first tooth comes in an initial examination is required. During this inspection milk teeth early and late sliding condition, dental and soft tissue abnormalities can be evaluated, it is assisting the teething challenges and are given information about dental health. It also aims to prevent the bottle caries. Visit your baby these routines, to become accustomed to his dentist and ensure compliance in the future treatment is necessary.

What DRIVE AND FALL OF MILK tooth time?

Milk teeth are usually among the first to take 6 months to 3 years. Apart from that riding it can be seen early and late. First front and lateral incisors, molars milk then 1, then the canines, and finally 2 takes milk molars. This can be seen in some changes in the rankings. There are 20 primary teeth in the jaws.

Milk teeth Why is it important?

Milk teeth are primarily needed for nutrition. Under each milk teeth milk teeth and permanent teeth is usually present a health affects permanent teeth. Also see the lower milk teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth. Especially the front teeth is necessary for accurate speech and is important for the child's appearance and psychology.

WHEN AND SCRUBBING teeth should be how?

The teeth from the driver's first milk teeth should be brushed regularly. Since about 3 years until the habit of spitting developments should be avoided, use fluoride toothpaste. After this age, which was developed for children up to the age of about 6 fluoride pastes (pea-sized) can be used. At least up to primary school age, children should brush their teeth in parental supervision. Children should brush their teeth every morning after breakfast and before bedtime.

APPLICATIONS What is fluoride?

Gels containing fluoride is administered to the patient by the physician children. With this application fluoride ions participating in the structure of the tooth, making it more resistant to tooth decay. applying topically did fluorine fluoride is an effective method of receiving pills systemically. High caries risk in children 2-4 times per year must be applied fluoride gels.

What is the fissure SHUTTER PRACTICE?

applying the covering fissure of the occlusal surface of the tooth is covered with a filler, and caries causing microorganisms are more difficult to attach to tooth surfaces. This chewing surfaces, after the surface fluoride applications are still susceptible to decay. Therefore, fluoride application is required in addition to covering the fissure. in individuals who are prone to tooth decay that this is necessary and deep fissures.

Under general anesthesia, in which SITUATION?

General anesthesia is completely uyutularak process of realization of the child's treatment. General anesthesia, in need of dental treatment and recovery will not be seen in the behavior as soon as thought, no way to adapt to the dental treatment, fearful of being implemented in an unsuccessful children or young people showing resistance or physical contact. At the same time physically, suitable for general anesthesia in children with mental or medical disorders. Caries and abscesses seen a large number of very small children will be more appropriate for treating uyutularak. Children will not remember when you wake up and transactions with dental fear will be developed.

ACCIDENTAL place of permanent teeth OCCURS What should be done?

Out permanent teeth should not be root. If there are no broken teeth or rinse with tap water and which must be placed out of the socket. If placed on the patient's saliva, milk or placing a bowl of clean water urgently !!! It should go to the dentist. The patient can be transported to greater than enough teeth in the mouth.

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