Jaw clenching, teeth clenching, SHEAR JAW AND JAW PAIN treatment

Temporomandibular Disorder is fairly common disorder may affect people's quality of life in society seriously. TMJ complaints about not only in the joints of the jaw, eye, ear, nose and throat may also be in the area. The first complaint, 95% of patients; or pain in the head and neck region are spontaneously formed with function and in this case the biggest problem faced by physicians is that these give rise to chronic pain pain. It is of great importance for the future of disease diagnosis made accurately and timely. This site is intended to be a guide to you.
If you think you have TMJ disorders;
Attention First, pay attention to diet with soft foods, chewing gum, and avoid extreme jaw movements, pain is severe you can ease your pain with a painkiller that you always use .However long-term use is not recommended.
Attention treatments such as crowns including closing your teeth or permanent changes to your chin, bridges or orthodontic treatment k, erosion of the teeth, avoid.
Attention success of surgical treatment is quite low, precise indications (tumors) in case of problems existing outside of conservative therapy may be considered if the poor person's social life severely affected.

TMA is where function

TMA, is located right in front of your ears, your lower jaw to the skull bağlar.eli can easily feel the movement of the joints when you open and close your mouth, placing the region. Your jaw movements with various masticatory muscles control the movement of edilmektedir.Bu properly bulunmaktadır.Bu a disk cartilage in this region for the realization of a disc can be met thanks to high loads from inserting chewing.



Temporomandibular joint disorder in which soft and hard tissue and / or is a set of problems involving the masticatory muscles. There göre19 his classification in subgroups of the American academy. As contemplated only the problem of a person with limitations in the open mouth of the kaynaklanmayabilir.örneg through the joint is not a disorder intra-articular a situation olabilir.y arising from muscles in both olabilir.tek or you to add on both sides and / or can affect your muscle to varying degrees. In this case, talking, eating, chewing, swallowing, you can restrict your functions such as yawning.

Clinical signs of temporomadibu JOINT DISORDERS

There are mainly four signs;

limitations in jaw movements
friction or click sounds during jaw movement
pain in the muscles of mastication
sliding in different directions of the nozzle opening end of the jaw

Other symptoms are common;

Ear pain, feeling of pressure in the ear
Vision problems

Bruxism means a gıcırdatıl briefly to the teeth. rate seen in society changes the rate of 6-91%. Both can be seen in children and in adults. In the past day and night bruxism it is classified as she no longer classifying sleep and awake bruxism seen. rhythmically chewing muscles are contracted in sleep bruxism. Sleep bruxism is caused by central nervous system and occurs in association with sleep and periods lighter and may be a harbinger of some kind of sleep disorder. This is seen awake bruxism is considered as a kind of daily tics and stress-related. Bruxism can divide as well as primary and secondary. Primary buksizm underlying medical condition in the absence of any secondary bruxism is said in the medical or psychiatric condition. To understand a person, and whether it is possible by the signs of bruxism in the mouth. They are the most important finding of wear on the teeth.


bruxism treatment

Bruxism is no known cure. However, for the purpose of treatment options are available to prevent damage they arise. To this end, our country very often made of soft sleep bruxism appliance is shown in a survey conducted by EMG to increase by 50%. Also at the closing of the teeth of such appliances is less than 67%, leading to permanent changes have been reported to cause buried in her teeth.


Botox (Botulinum toxin)

Botulinum toxin, Clostridium botulinum is a zehirdir.ilk acting on the nervous system produced by a bacterium, 1978 by Scott strabismus (squint) in the treatment began to be used for human health. Botulinum toxin is used in many areas today as an aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. But just this toxin "hemifacial spasm, blepharospazm, strabismus, cervical distonia, hyperhidrosis, and glabellar lines in the treatment of chronic migraine" use has been approved by the FDA. Bruxism is on the treatment botoxl There are only a few studies and reducing the voluntary muscle contractions of botulinum toxin in these studies, severe bruxism alleviate the report edilmiştir.ancak botulinum my use in bruxism FDA onaylanmamıştır.ayrı made by animal studies, and in the Botox effect only showed not the applied masticatory muscles environment kaslarda, as well due to the reduction of the force to cause osteoporotic changes as shown in the jawbone.


(-) When should I see a doctor?
(+) If you think you had better see a doctor TM disorders expert to clarify your situation.

(-) Which should I go to the specialist?
(+) There is no country in the world and our expertise in this regard issuer. When choosing doctors have received long-term training in this area and this certification, have made scientific studies on this subject criteria should be considered.

(-) What can I do until Experts is gone?
(+) If you can restrict your jaw movements and severe pain every time you can get a painkiller use. you should choose the diet with soft foods.

(-) TM Inspection is how?
(+) Your doctor will primarily Detailed Look your detailed medical history in order to understand your situation in writing and orally. Then add your chin, it will make a detailed examination of your teeth and muscles. Pain is a process that is not. 30-60 minutes in total. Take your time.

(-) TMR how is it treated?
(+) TMR is based on the multifactorial etiology; It should therefore be multidisciplinary treatment. 50% of patients are taking advantage of the pharmacological treatment, the use of oral appliances 40's%, 6% benefit from conservative therapy such as physiotherapy. only in 1-2% of patients, arthrocentesis, arthroscopy, arthrotomy (open-joint surgery), are in need of surgical intervention such as modified condylectomy me.

(-) My doctor gave a soft night plaque Can I use this treatment?
(+) First, it has been shown to increase full diagnosis, if it deems it necessary to konulmalıdır.hekim Once you have the necessary measurement of a rigid plate made tailor-made appliances yapabilir.yapıl scientific research in soft appliances to the contrary, masticatory muscle activity expected of your rahtsızlığı and is not recommended. The clenching and grinding habits is emphasized that further increases.

(-) My doctor said the surgery. Should I?
(+) The proportion of the temporomandibular joint surgery in the treatment was found to be 5%. There are two types of indications including absolute and relative surgery. Tumor, growth abnormalities, ankylosing are located in precise indications. In relative indications, parameters must be considered that the proposed union of oral and maxillofacial surgery. However, non-surgical and surgical methods are ineffective when moderate to severe pain or dysfunction is indicated. Surgical treatment is not indicated in patients who are asymptomatic or very few symptoms. Also in cases where the well should not be used as a preventive treatment of pain and function.

(-) I'm closing my doctor's false teeth, that lead to joint problems and said it should be corrected. Is My problem is solved in this way?
(+) The idea caused TMR to the shape of the closing of the teeth which have since time immemorial, but in a treatment who lost their topicality is not supported by scientific data in particular will change closing your permanent irreversible treatment method of (veneers, teeth grinding, orthodontic treatment, orthognathic surgery, etc.) Should be avoided.

(-) My jaw was locked during orthodontic treatment. What should I do?
(+)In this case must be examined by a TMR specialist, your status must be determined, your orthodontist in such a situation that verilmelidir.zat interrupting treatment if deemed necessary is to take you to record your case about the TMA prior to orthodontic treatment which is yönlendirecektir.tavsi the necessary experts.

(-) When will the existing sound?
(+)The objective of treatment is that you have to spend voices which perform functions with your değildir.öneml painless and effective way.

(-) Am I going to use appliances Lifetime?
(+) No. Your doctor has seen the need to use appliances by using your isteyecektir.h is certainly the case during the lifetime of treatment varies apparatus. After the treatment, your doctor will inform you about the situations in which you need to re-use appliance.

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