What is Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics, misaligned teeth and jaws discordant relationships who diagnose, prevent and employees is a specialty of dentistry that treats. Orthodontist called upon to dentists who specialize in Orthodontics.

Why and how do they Orthodontic Problems Treated?

Jaws interests disorders (such as the lower jaw of the front or back), often hereditary. In this case it is decided to treatment according to the patient's age. depending on the dysfunction (like mouth breathing) jaw mismatch may occur. Mouth breathing upper jaw in a patient who is at V form to remain tight. Bad habits can lead to jaw disorders. Harmful habits are as follows: long-term use of false bottle or pacifier, thumb sucking, nail biting, and so on. Bad habits should be treated as early as possible (7-10 years old). Thus, in the face of all individuals with a simple appliances use development, which will adversely affect a severe skeletal disorder will have been avoided. If the bad habits are treated as children, they cause permanent skeletal defects and orthodontic and surgical (orthognathic surgery) are treated. The reasons of dental disorders is very diverse. Sometimes individual jaw size from one parent takes tooth size than the other. If large jaws and teeth spaced small teeth. The greater than nomal language, to be taken in the oral cavity in the tooth spacing of the teeth causes. In some cases, the individual may be congenitally missing teeth some cuts. In this case it stands out in front of wide gaps. In such cases, organizing the shooting blanks with orthodontic implant cavity can be opened. Small jaw bone, teeth greater teeth do not fit to the jaw and crowding occurs. Another reason for the crowding teeth is early or late loss of baby teeth. Every time there is a drop of milk teeth. For example, 10-year-old should fall if a milk tooth in the mouth dropped 8 years old permanent teeth are shifted out of there teeth into this space and should not find its place. In this case the teeth of the dental arch at the outside or into the correct time or remain buried in some cases.

Is it possible at any age orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is also no age limit strictly. However, treatment planning and time may vary by age. adult orthodontics has gained prevalence in recent years all over the world. In particular, it is possible to reduce the aesthetic concerns of using porcelain brackets.
Sometimes it can be made orthodontic treatment in preparation for surgery to make better denture teeth prosthesis can be made more appropriate. Such treatments are short-lived, in the orthodontic treatment is 4-12 months.

Orthodontic Treatment painful process?

Search for practice sessions and sessions are painless and simple. However, the wire wounds can occur on the cheeks when first installed. These wounds will heal in one week and usually does not occur again. In rare cases (bracket breakage, breakage of wire, etc.) Wound can be repeated. Such problems can be solved with a small intervention of the physician. In addition, patients at the first session 'sick candle' is given to the patient and may prevent excessive irritation may occur at the time of the sinking until the physician placing the candle. Besides, when the wires inserted after the first session and looking after teeth are squeezed and pains in the teeth occurs when the hard stuff yen. However, this pain disappears in 3-4 days.

It does decayed teeth Braces?

Wires teeth certainly does not refute. On the contrary, areas where bonding of brackets, are protected from decay bacteria can not go under. However brackets around is much more risk for decay bacteria that keep the mouth by a radio. When is the best oral care and cleaning of the surround of the bracket is eliminated this risk.

Did you brush your teeth can Teller while there?

As can easily brushing teeth after the braces are fitted it used to be. Brushing breaks, there is no such risk out. But you need a bit more careful and detailed whisk separated by a cleaning need for more. orthodontic brushes, specifically designed for that interface and brushes can be used.

After Jewelery Wire Attention Must Be What?

The wires should be avoided hard foods that may cause breakage. Apples, pears hard things such as, but not bitten, should be eaten cut. Especially plums, core foods such as olive put to the mouth with the core, the core should be eaten after leaving the outside. Fizzy drinks should not be drunk. The gum should be avoided things like sticky delight.

Does the Orthodontic Treatment Long Time?

The duration of orthodontic treatment, the patient's age, and the severity of the problem varies depending on which treatment techniques to do. But the most important factor in patient compliance with treatment duration. If you regularly comes to patient appointments, oral care is good, brackets and wires often do not break, the apparatus, rubber, etc. If you use the proper treatment is completed in minimum time. If the plan was good, and even the most severe cases, the duration of treatment is consistent patient must not exceed 2.5 years. The mean treatment duration of 1.5 years. On the other hand, finishing in 1 year of treatment are also available.

Straightened teeth with orthodontic treatment, fail again?

Our teeth are moving lifetime. Especially the influence of orthodontic treatment have never seen people chewing forces can also occur even in advanced age as teeth crowding. After orthodontic treatment consisting of adaption to the new position of the teeth and bone around good support takes a long time. Therefore, the retainer should be done to eliminate the risk of failure again after removal. For this purpose thin wires may be glued to the back of the teeth, or within a removable transparent plates patient.

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